Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vegan Indian Dosas

This month’s Daring Cooks Challenge was hosted by Debyi of Healthy Vegan Kitchen. She chose Indian Dosas for this month's challenge.

Despite my claims to be an omnivore, I do not think I ever had ventured into the vegan world. And I was excited. In retrospect, I should not have decided to make this challenge and the Dobos Torte at the same time. But at that time, I did not know any better.
So, the challenge was really a three-part adventure: the dosas (pancake/crepes), the filling and the sauce or topping. I started with the filling and the first thing I did was to dump quite a bit of oil into the skillet. I did not realize that I should not have done that until a few minutes into cooking. No biggie, I thought, reluctant to re-chop the veggies and determined to read the instructions carefully. Until I reached "mash the chickpeas" part. I mashed them for a while but really should have used processor to save time and get finer texture -- the chickpeas skins did not really go too well with this delicate meal. The pancakes turned out quite well, I ended up making another batch of it and the sauce was quite good. Overall, this was an interesting experiment (albeit quite time consuming). I don't know if I'll make this very recipe again, maybe with some modifications.